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PR Agency PROSTOR: PR & Consulting. PR company, conducting public relation campaigns and personal PR

About us

PR Agency PROSTOR: PR & Consulting is an association of qualified and educated specialists who have a deep comprehension of all the modern PR mechanisms and instruments.

Agency staff professionally implement global and integrated projects, conduct PR campaigns of varying difficulty, exercise subscription services and high-quality personalized PR to your advantage.

For over five years of experience, the company formed a clear understanding of PR process principles and a professional approach to work with different structures: large or medium-sized commercial companies, government institutions - on the one hand and both Russian and foreign mass media – on the other.

TV, magazines, newspapers, electronic media, Internet portals, blogs, social networks - at your service!

We clearly understand how to make the client company’s PR specialists, marketing specialists and the media cooperate in a way that would significantly benefit each link in this chain.

Good projects and campaigns always solve a whole series of problems. The more you aim to achieve, the more engaging it will be for us to work.

By the way, here’s some history on Moscow’s best PR agency.


Our standing customers include companies in such seemingly different fields as:

  • Auditing, consulting and accounting services;
  • Language translation;
  • IT, telecom;
  • Club show business;
  • Government Federal agencies.

The PR company will gladly test its set of tools in your field of activity. Methods and procedures of promoting a business in any sphere are quite similar. Although, of course, each indusry has its own specific features. That is why thorough study of the scope and particularity of each client's business is a compulsory initial condition.


The aim of a quality PR agency is not just to increase the number of publications about your company. We seek to leave an IMPRESSION OF YOU: original ideas and spicy news topics, a sweet aftertaste after the event, and in the end - good opinions and memories.

Fame, the impact on the target audience to compel its attention to you, sales effectiveness, expansion, development - these are the priority indicators, the achievement of which the PR company wants for you.


We are not engaged in active customer acquisition for "rendering of services". We create interesting global projects on our own and offer solutions adapting them to your target audiences.

We chose you? Excellent!

Speak to us first? Our sincere congratulations. You did the right thing! We will definitely come up with a super PR project for you. Only high-quality public relations (PR). You will be envied.