PR services

PR services in Moscow, consulting and prices

Public Relation technologies in combination with consulting provide most fruitful results. If you commit your communication policy and consulting services concerning client acquisition and retention to our professionals, you can achieve prominent results.

To address global business needs we recommend that you would engage integrated PR services in Moscow, that come with certain advantages:

  • Complete PR-promotion through Internet, press, radio and television
  • Establishing Market Visibility at a desired rate
  • Presenting new products and services in markets of your interest (PR from scratch)

To complete your local business tasks some of our PR services are available separately:

  • Conceptual and ideological business design
  • Media activity
  • Internal PR
  • Personal PR
  • Media trainings for senior managers and staff
  • Speechwriting
  • Copywriting and composition of texts for brochures, websites, annual reports
  • Book as the exclusive PR-project
  • Writing books, corporate stories, journalistic investigations
  • Formulation of PR training courses
  • Introducing you into the Russian blogosphere
  • Development of sponsors' proposals, fundraising
  • PR-support of competition in public tenders
  • Organization and implementation of conferences, press conferences and special events
  • Countering black PR

In addition to PR services and information support, we offer professional consultations, for example, concerning client acquisition and retention. At certain times the acomplishment of some business tasks may require PR related services. We are qualified to help you in such areas as:

  • PR due diligence of current activity (communication due dil)
  • Development of communication strategies
  • Development of client acquisition and retention schemes
  • Executive-Search and Networking in the Russian PR-market
  • Preparation and conduction of brainstorming
  • Internet resource design (portals, web sites)
  • Seminars
  • World's best corporate identity and its elements.


New Direction - "Political PR and electoral technologies"

For you we can produce a creative PR-project for vast audiences.

Services of our partners - "search engine optimization."


We accept two main forms of cooperation, such as: requester PR-service and project work (organizing press conferences, press tours, rankings, research, polling, focus groups).

  •  Seminars on various aspects of PR, marketing and advertising.
  •  Individual consultations.
  •  Reports on PR-conferences, lectures, for students, and not only (required to comply with the rider).
  •  Due diligence, review and multilateral examination of your business, and business creativity

If it so happens that we will be supporting your business, be sure - at every step of a large joint way, we'll pleasantly surprise you. Everything will be Con Brio!