Do what you love and love what you do – PR fact or How do directors of Russian PR agencies get their kicks?


The secret of a successful business is simple: if you work with enthusiasm until you have given your all, then you will certainly succeed. Is a worker interested in the process or is the result the undeniable motivation factor? Labour for money or for ideals? Leading PR specialists told us* about how they believe you can gain pleasure from your work.

Some PR specialists are overwhelmed by difficulties in resolving problems, whereas others keep on going with even more zeal for success. Success in problems which many people have tried and failed to tackle, but in which you have received a positive result, brings extra satisfaction.

Most PR specialists say that the biggest pleasure in their work comes from a result. “When you see the final result of a project, when you see the reaction people have to the work that you have done, when you understand that the work was not done in vain and that the work was done to a high standard, you never grow tired of that!” says Elena Galiguzova, Prichina.

However, there are also professionals who enjoy the process itself and the results are the end of an interesting story, which may sometimes even be disappointing. For example, it sometimes happens that a result surprises the client and the PR worker was not even able to predict such success. There is also a slight sadness at the fact that the hustle and bustle that accompanies all large events has come to an end. “I love rushing around and coordinating everybody so that an event goes perfectly according to plan. I love working systematically and precisely,” says Ekaterina Antoshkina, PR.Project.

Public Relations is one the most creative management professions. The previous day is not the same as the next day; a new day is a new discovery. “It’s a moving force for me, knowing that every day I am making yet another step towards the goal,” says Maria Gergova, UNITED PARTNERS Ltd, CEO IPRA 2009.

It is the implementation of creative ideas and personal dreams and solutions that encourages most public relations specialists to find within themselves the strength to move up the career ladder. This is confirmed by Aleksandr Chumikov, International Press Club – “They come and make things work, which means that they have an interest in the work.”

Another approach to PR is to strive to satisfy the client. “It is solving specific business challenges with the aid of communication technologies that gives me the most satisfaction,” says Philipp Gurov, Gurov and Partners. Whether feedback will please the director of a firm or ratings results and even a publication in a professional magazine, a company’s achievements cannot help but bring small moments of happiness. “I used to think that a result was my personal satisfaction from work. Now I understand that a result is actually the satisfaction of a client,” says Igor Minusov, Nikkolo M.

“People who have not lost their taste for life do not often lose interest in their profession,” says Elena Asharapova, Reputation online. And there are many people that agree with her. A family and children are the main motivation to feel needed, first at the level of friends and relatives and then to society as a whole. Even those people who spend 12 hours of their day at work can say that they live for PR and that this kind of lifestyle has become a part of their nature.

Every project undertaken is a quintessence of all emotions, new sensations and drive. Disappointments are unavoidable, however. “It’s like flying an aeroplane or parachuting: once you’ve tried it you never forget the taste,” says Elvira Azizova, PACCO.

All Public Relations professionals have their taste for the profession. For some it is enough that the client is satisfied and others receive satisfaction more from the process. Of course, the result is important, and there is no point in work that has no result. However, the most important thing is to bring your chosen business in life into harmony with your own “self”, with your interests and with your true desires. And judging by what has been said by the interviewers, a love for a profession begins where there is an opportunity to move onwards and develop every day.

Text prepared by Maria Kosobokova and Roman Maslennikov

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